What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the working environment to fit the worker. A poor fit can cause both physical and psychological stress. With time this can cause strain and wear on tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. Ergonomics can minimize health and safety concerns and add to employee satisfaction and productivity.

What is involved with an ergonomic assessment?

An ergonomic assessment analyses three major components: the worker, tasks and demands of the job, and the working environment.

First we observe the worker performing their job and note how they interact with their environment. We note and analyze postures, movements, habits and organizational patterns.

We then take digital pictures to more thoroughly analyse posture and human biomechanics by measuring angles and distances.With our new technology we can also use E.M.G. (Electromyography) to read muscular activity and demonstrate how certain postures can cause muscles to work far harder than necessary, resulting in pain and fatigue.

Why have an ergonomic assessment?

Try writing at a desk that is at chest level. What happens? After a few minutes your arm, shoulder and neck become sore and achy. Imagine spending every hour of every work day in such a position. Imagine how you would feel after spending an entire year (2080 working hours) this way.

By finding a proper fit between the work tasks, the worker and the workplace we can help to eliminate both physical and psychological stressors. The result is decreased injury costs and improved worker comfort and morale through prevention of injuries and/or aggravation of existing injuries.

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