First visit

A first visit consists of four main parts.

The Intake paper work. When we go to other offices we do not like to do this either but it is quite important. The information we obtain is the start of your medical file and allows the practitioner to understand your health history. We do our best to keep our forms concise.

The Consultation. This is where you will meet the Doctor or therapist and discuss your specific health needs or concerns.

The Pre-tests and exams. Our clinic uses the latest spinal assessment tools such as Thermography, EMG and Gait Scan Analysis and either the Doctor or clinical assistant will perform these tests. A complete exam by the doctor or therapist will follow. This part of the first visit can take a few minutes (massage therapy assessment for tight shoulders) or up to half an hour or more for more complicated health issues (usually chiropractic or acupuncture exams).

A Summary. At this point the Doctor or therapist will let you know what has been determined. You may be able to start therapy right away or may have to have further testing done, such as an x-ray. If your health issues are not appropriate for our office we will be happy to refer you to the correct type of health care professional.

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