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Spring babies are arriving

Its that time of year when babies are being born!  It’s such a pleasant time, it’s getting warmer out, but not too hot.  We’ve seen more and more mommy-to-be’s walking through our doors these past few weeks, ready for induction.  Many more are counting down the weeks (including myself!) to begin the different treatment methods that are used specifically for inductions.  I myself, as well as many of our patients here, have been enjoying the services we offer (Chiropractor, Acupuncture and Massage) to help with any pregnancy complaints such as insomnia, back/hip pain, restless legs, headaches, etc.

Acupuncture is wonderful for induction.  I’ve had people in my treatment room say that they didn’t know acupuncture was used for anything else-it is very popular. The points used are completely avoided until week 37 of pregnancy as they are so strong to induce labor. What most patient’s don’t realize is how beneficial it is to start using acupuncture before their due date (it is ideal to start induction treatments at week 37). The induction points don’t just help a baby come, they are used to help boost mom BEFORE delivery.  Having a baby takes its toll out on mom (and dad!) both physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Having a strong foundation built prior to labor means you have more resources to use time of delivery and for post partum healing, including the postpartum blues!  Acupuncture points used help to send the Qi strongly in a downward movement to stimulate the muscles of the uterus to begin contracting.  In doing so, baby starts to drop into position and your cervix begins to dilate.  The points also help soften the cervix to help with it’s dilation and thinning as we progress closer to delivery.  They also help build Qi and blood so that you are strong, both physically and mentally, through early, active, and third stage labor, as well as postpartum.

You may have also heard of placenta encapsulation and its incredible benefits after labor to increase iron levels, energy levels, postpartum healing, elevating your mood after the pregnancy “high” (aka your hormones) start to drop, milk production, etc.  You can ask me about placenta encapsulation any time at the office.  I am more than happy to sit down and talk to you about it and the benefits of having a Doctor of Chinese Medicine make them properly with or without herbs.

Chiropractor is also a great compliment to my induction treatments as it helps open the pelvis that much more.  Both Dr. Lynita and Dr. Mosher are able to perform these treatments and are available at the office if you have any questions.

I usually suggest patients begin induction with acupuncture at week 37, twice a week until week 40 when I will see you three times a week.  Some patients require less than others.  It is important to remember to stay calm and relaxed at this stage in your pregnancy.  Stress is a huge factor that releases hormones in our body that actually slow down labor.  I have had lots of positive responses from patients regarding their treatments on how it positively affects their emotions, sleep and pain management-all things you want to be in working order before the first baby comes (when hey, lets face it, you may not get as much of for awhile…) and for mom’s who are running after a toddler while preparing for this special transition in their life.

To all of you powerful and empowering women out there!

Dr. Cindy


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