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Cold & Flu Season

Happy New Year to all of our friends from Hidden Valley Health Center!  We hope that everyone had an incredible holiday and were all healthy.  This time of year is rampant with the flu and cold virus, and this year’s circulating virus is a nasty one.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are great ways to prevent and shorten the virus cycle.  Our hospitals and walk-in clinics are turning away patients with the common cold as they are full.  Acupuncture not only gives your immune system a boost, it also helps relieve the symptoms of the virus such as sore throat, headache, sinus congestion, chills and fever, sleep loss, lethargy, etc.  Herbs are also great for building up your immunity to help you recover more quickly, and can also aid in prevention.  Feel free to give Dr. Cindy a call at 403.730.6641 if you have any further questions.

Best in health in the new year,

Dr. Cindy



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