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Migraine Weather

We are getting spoiled with this beautiful warm weather Calgary has had lately!  Well most of us are…others are suffering from extreme headaches or migraines due to Chinooks, wind, and/or the fluctuating warm-cold temperatures.  In Chinese medicine, these headaches are commonly due to “wind attacking the channels”.  It is very important to be wearing a scarf during our cold and windy seasons to protect the vulnerable areas exposed i.e. the back of your head and neck.  This is quite often the area where the headache begins, and then radiates up the back of the head/by the ears towards the forehead/temples. When it is windy, what is the typical response?  Turn your back to the wind…ah hah! makes sense doesn’t it?

Wearing a scarf and toque can help keep this area protected.  Try not to expose too much of these areas on cold and/or windy days.  And if all else fails…how I decided to become an acupuncturist was receiving a treatment for migraines many years ago and have since had none since moving back to Calgary!

Feel free to call us or book an appointment at 403.730.6641 if you have any questions.  I am more than happy to give you more information!


Dr. Cindy


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